We know April/ Wigglebums for 5 years now; my son & daughter in law!s rescued dog Angel was trained by April.  Now we have a s rescued dog too ,Tuk ; we took private sessions with April and attended the Puppy power class and now the Adolescent socialization class as well . Both dogs are big dogs and I am able to walk them together and handle them very well ; in my house you don’t really know there are 2 dogs and all thanks to April who trained them and us so well that we don’t have a problem walking them while is busy out there . Tuk ignores bikes and m-cycles and golf carts and is a great office big boy ( 5 mo old and 55lbs) 
I definitely recommend April !

-Dana G.

10 months ago I adopted a retired sled dog who had never been a house pet, with the help of April over the last 10 months Badger (a Husky) has learned to adapt to the house life and off leash dog parks. When I brought Badger home for the first time April met me at the house and and helped me bring Badger in the door. April has been a great help with Badger, from what food, treats and toys work the best as well as teaching Badger to come back to me at the off leash park. With out April help I am not sure what I would have done she has been a great inspiration for Badger and I.

-Jaimie Saraceni

Ben and Leonie

We adopted two Leonberger crosses from Missouri and quickly found out our female, Leonie, is reactive. We tried what we thought was everything to deal with her, but the methods just seemed harsh and all we were accomplishing was breaking our bond with our girl. I ran into April just in time – we have known each other for years but I hadn’t seen her in ages. I believe it was fate that I bumped into her and mentioned our dogs – we began training with her and have never looked back! She showed us that positive reinforcement, love, and respect were the keys to bonding with our dogs. She is so wonderful with Ben & Leonie and seems to love them as much as we do! I often email her with questions or concerns (from training to health and wellness) and she always has a helpful answer and is so knowledgeable about everything ‘dog’! We so appreciate having a relationship with her as it has made our relationship with our dogs so much stronger!

-Kathy Armes & Pete Notar

I can't explain how amazing April is because she is so great it's hard to tell you without you seeing her in action.

She is trustworthy, calm, honest , acts with integrity and she can get a dog on her side through love and compassion like no one else I know. She is one of the only trainers we recommend to our dog walking clients and she works with my dog personally on her fear issues . I also love how she is available to anwser questions and talk me through things when I am unsure of what the process should be. With April you get more than just a trainer, you gain a valuable source of proper and educated information. She's incredible .

-Shauna Davis

We’ve been working with April since Bruno was 10 weeks old.  We've never raised a puppy before and were unsure about how to train him, especially with the wealth of conflicting information out there!  Bruno also has a lot of anxiety in general and it showed as reactivity towards cars, people walking outside, other dogs and separation anxiety. 

We took the puppy primer / socialization classes and also did the puppy prodigy program with April. 

In this time he has shown such tremendous growth!  He doesn’t react to cars and is getting better with people and other dogs.  He even played with some dogs recently, which we’ve never seen him do as he was always too nervous and would just bark the whole time he was near a dog.  He is also amazing to walk on a leash lately too!  Through the puppy prodigy program, April was able to teach him leash walking and recall in way less time than it would have taken us to do.  

April is so gifted with dogs (Bruno loves her!) and you can feel in working with her how passionate she is about caring and positive ways of training dogs.  I feel so thankful to have had her ongoing support as different issues have come up.  She’s a wealth of information.  I feel like I have a solid understanding now of how to deal with issues that come up and know that with time and our consistency he will continue to grow into a confident dog!


I would highly recommend April for both private sessions/programs and her great classes!


-Jessica Palik Bray

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