Whether you need help in your home or on location, we will come where you need us! Perfect for dogs with fear / anxiety, or who need to work in low distraction, have problem behaviours based in the home or specific locations, or people who are less mobile or have a tight schedule. If you are looking to resolve problem behaviors in private sessions please fill out the form located here. For all other private inquiries email or use the contact form. 

*Please only use Paypal buttons if an appointment has been scheduled and confirmed. 

**Areas outside Calgary city limits may incur travel charges or referred to video consult. 


A single session. More of a consultation or an intake session where we work on one or two uncomplicated problems.  

$150.00 +gst


A bit more at a better price per session. For more complex problems such as minor reactivity, loose leash walking, recall,  or most of your basic commands can be addressed in 3 sessions. 

$350.00 +gst


Best valued package. Serious behavior modification such as aggression, severe reactivity, or all the basic obedience + can be addressed in a 5 session package. For instance, I can give you all the information in 3 sessions for low level reactivity, but in 5 you will get more real world guided experiences. I can give you the basic commands in 3, or we can do some really cool stuff so you get a more thorough understanding of shaping and behaviour and practice in real world settings in 5. 

$500.00 +gst

**Single session price applies to the first session. If a larger package is chosen the price of the single session will be subtracted from the package price. In the first session we can determine how many sessions you are comfortable with or require to suit your needs. Payment is due prior to scheduled session. 



A single phone consult to discuss methodology, simple training concerns and for existing clients

who may need help from time to time about issues other than those we covered in sessions. Phone consults are not for discussion of complex behaviour or assessment of behaviour concerns. Please do not use the Buy Now button until you have booked a consult. 

$50.00 +gst



We can get a bit more in depth through video conferencing. If you are outside our service area we can still help! Through video's sent and video consultation we can help you with your behaviour concerns and training issues. From puppy stuff to more complex behaviours like separation anxiety we can help you bridge the training gap when there are no resources in your area. Do not use the Buy Now button until you have booked a consult via email and we will help you get set up. Decent internet connection is necessary in order for consult. 

$80.00 +gst / session

WiggleBums Training