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Private Sessions In Home or On Location

We offer in-person or virtual sessions for our distance learners.  If you are looking to resolve problem behaviors in private sessions please fill out this form. For all other private inquiries email or use the contact form. 


Private, Dog Training, Yorkton, Canora




A single session. More of a consultation or an intake session where we work on one or two uncomplicated problems.  

$175.00 +gst




Subsequent sessions. We typically decide how many you will need in the first session and whether a package would best suite your needs. 

$125.00 +gst


**A deposit of $75 is required prior to the first session. This will be deducted from the package price. In the first session, we can determine how many sessions you are comfortable with or require to reach your goals.


Give your pup the skills to take your show on the road. Whether you want to sit on the patio with friends, hike, camp or take your pup shopping, we can work towards functional behaviour that will optimize your enjoyment of your pup and ensure they can handle each situation as needed. You will walk away with the skills to tackle novel situations that require that out the box thinking and ability to take your pup anywhere you wish and they are welcome. 5 sessions in different locations to help you and your pup acquire the knowledge and practice and ability to generalize those behaviours to the environment. 

$600.00 +gst


A 3 session recall workshop to ensure your pup will be working towards a more off leash lifestyle. Whether you want to attend public off leash parks (and we can assess whether that is optimal for your pup) or off leash hiking trails (yep, there are some even close by), we can give you all the skills and knowledge to make that a reality. Even if you are just worried about your doggie escape artist, we can work through functional scenario's so your dog is rehearsing proper recall rather than practicing running away from you. 

$400.00 +gst 


5 Sessions to get your puppy (under 16 weeks) off to a good start. These are a mix of locations including some play with appropriate adult dogs and perhaps other puppies in the program as well as gaining functional behaviours that translate to the real world by starting at home and moving to other locations as vaccinations allow. 

$600.00 +gst


5 Sessions to take your reactive rover to a functional fido. Starting with a thorough understanding of how we got here and where we go from here and following through with out and about work to help you get a real world skill set to work through reactivity with your pup. We have found a lot of our clients have been through reactive rover classes that don't necessarily translate to real world behaviour or skills and that each owner and pups needs are different in regards to thresholds, triggers and motivation for the behaviour. Which makes a one on one program much more applicable and useful to owners. 

$600.00 +gst

*There are no refunds on training packages once booked. All cancellations must be notified 48 hours in advance. No shows forfeit a session. All private training packages expire after 1 year of initial booking

Prices reflect service in the regular service area. 

Extended service area is possible at .68 cents per km both ways as per google maps km 

eg. Yorkton to Melville is 41.5km

41.5 x 2 = 83 km x .68 = $56.44

Out of service area (may be available on specific dates) 

service area map-01.jpg
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