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1st time Puppy Power, Mensa Mutts, Level Up

Class(es) You Are Registering For
My Dog is Up To Date on Vaccinations
My dog has never shown aggression to other people or dogs

*I understand that this is a force-free class with an emphasis on relationship and communication building and as such there is no place for aversive tools or techniques in our class. There will be no yelling at dogs, pinning dogs, hitting/kicking dogs, or tools such as pinch, choke, prong, or shock/stimulation collars. 

Your registration is not a guarantee of place in class. We only reserve a spot in class once payment has been made. You can either use the pay button on the group classes page for credit card or paypal payments or email money transfer to Once we have payment we will send the waiver to sign. 

Thanks for registering.

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