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Waiver to participate in class

Your registration is complete and confirmed. We look forward to meeting you! 

Cancellation Policy:

There are no refunds for canceled classes unless we can fill your spot in class. We can transfer your registration to a class at a later date as long as notice is given prior to a week before class starts.  In the case of illness or injury, please contact us and we will make arrangements. 

Agree to hold harmless waiver and assumption of risk.
Please read the following Release of Liability carefully and sign your name if you agree in the space provided. 

I hereby acknowledge that I have voluntarily applied to participate in dog training classes with Wigglebums. I am aware that there are inherent risks and hazards involved in activities with and around dogs and I am participating in these classes or activities with knowledge of these potential risks. 

In order to participate in Wigglebums training classes or other activities, I, being fully informed of such risks agree as follows:

-to assume all risks of such classes or activities;
-to release Wigglebums, and the City of Yorkton, instructors, trainers, employees and assistants from any and all claims which I or my assigns may have that may result from such classes or activities, including those relating to personal injury to myself, my dog(s), dogs in my charge, members of my family or guests and those relating to damage to property, in each case caused directly or indirectly by acts that might occur in relation to Wigglebums training classes;
-and to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless April Lott of Wigglebums, its instructors, trainers, assistants, and employees from all damage, loss, liability, or expense whether arising from negligence or any other reason or cause whatsoever, including legal costs and lawyer’s fees, which result from any damage caused directly or indirectly by myself or dog(s) which I own or handle. 

I agree that any pictures, audio, or video taken by Wigglebums Training or its agents or assistants of any group class, private session, or any other activity sponsored by Wigglebums is the property of Wigglebums and can be used for marketing, promotion, and training purposes by Wigglebums. Wigglebums will retain exclusive and perpetual worldwide rights to such content. 

This waiver will be deemed signed and accepted via digital signature and email. 

Thanks for submitting!

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Additional Info for

Puppy Power

This drop in class runs every Tuesday evening from 6:15pm to 7pm. We will sanitize the room prior to puppies being allowed in and no shoes are allowed within the play space. You can bring indoor only shoes to wear if you want, but they cannot have been outside in order to limit the pathogenic transfer for young puppies. 

Bring loads of treats to ensure your pup will have positive associations with the other puppies and humans. 

If your puppy is nervous, please do not hesitate to pick them up, comfort them and allow them to observe. Do not ever be afraid to ask for help or advice as needed. 

Once you have registered there is no need to do this again. You do however have to reserve the spot each week as we will limit the number of puppies to 10.

Please either bring your proof of first vaccinations to the first class or send to

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