Whether you are looking to get puppy a jump on his peers, or fine tune those basic behaviours we can get help you achieve your training goals from the comfort of your home....wherever that may be. Through the marvel of modern technology we will invite you each week to our virtual classroom where you and others will learn and ask any questions you need to set your pups up for success. Use your smartphone or computer with webcam capabilities to join in the fun from near or far away. 

Your puppy under 4 months will be off to an amazing start with this comprehensive starter class to help you overcome the common problems puppies come with and teach them great behaviour from the start to help set them up for success. This 4 week class rotates so you can start any week and follow through to the end. 

Dogs of any age will benefit from this not so basic manners class. Learn all the basics including leash walking, recall and cooperative care. This is a 6 week course for any dog and human just starting on their training path. We'll take you from the basics of marker training right through how to trouble shoot and teach any new behaviours.  

Participants are required to have high speed internet access with either smartphone or computer with webcam capabilities. This is a live event and interactions are possible and encouraged. We will send you a link to each event each week with password and you simply log in at the required time

WiggleBums Training