Puppy Power Hour Socializiation

This fun play group is for puppies under 4 months and their parents who really want to get a good start on positive socialization. This class is exclusively for those enrolled in our Puppy Primary, Private training, Puppy Prodigy or virtual puppy programs and is free of charge while in a training program. Due to restrictions we can only accommodate a limited number of attendees and only have room for our training clients.  The critical period for socialization ends at 12-16 weeks of age and it is recommended that new pet parents get started on classes for safe socialization as soon as possible after bringing their new puppy home. 



My puppy only has one set of vaccinations. Can we still attend?

Yes, puppies can attend anywhere from 9 - 16 weeks of age with only one set of vaccinations. Maintaining that vaccination schedule is important, but early socialization is critical. See what the AVSAB position statement on early socialization here. 


What precautions do you take to ensure a clean environment?

We use a Quaternary sanitizer designed for animal care operations to sanitize the room prior to class and we recommend puppies that aren’t fully vaccinated be carried into the room. Shoes are removed outside the class to reduce risk even further. Puppies display signs of ill health will be asked to be signed off by a vet before continuing classes.  

What will we learn in this class? 

Unlike basic obedience, socialization has a very limited time frame that puppy parents are up against. The critical window for socialization ends somewhere between 12-16 weeks of age for puppies. After that it becomes more difficult for puppies to accept novel situations and experiences. Skills like learning appropriate play, handicapping, and polite greetings is something all puppies should learn during this time. Owners are encouraged to work on any skills they want to with the distraction of a class environment. Your puppy will experience novelty, learn polite greetings, and you will learn what is and what is not "good" play and behaviour. You are also encouraged to ask any questions you have on any problems you are encountering. This class basically sets the stage for them to be confident explorers in any environment. 

How many puppies are there in a class?

We limit the class size to 10-12 (depending on venue) to ensure that each puppy feels safe. Because it is a drop in class we typically have anywhere between 3-12 puppies. Having attended puppy socials that were too over crowded with our own puppies years ago, we want to make sure that there is enough staff on for the puppies so that everyone has their needs met. 

My puppy is very nervous. How do I make sure they are not bullied?

Unlike other socialization classes, we do not allow bullying and encourage puppy parents to hold their puppy until they are ready to get down and join in the fun. We have pens that we can set up so your puppy can experience the play from safety and join when they are ready. Above all we do not want your puppy to be having negative experiences during this developmental period and we want them to discover the joys of other dogs and new experiences at a pace that makes them feel confident and safe.