A playgroup for puppies under 16 weeks old. Learn appropriate play, when to intervene and help puppy learn to play with different sizes, playstyles, and breeds.


All of our programs come with the opportunity to attend this with your pup for free.  

Puppy Primary. Learn all the basics and the entire family can participate. Basically a private session in our studio where our dogs will provide distraction, socialization and demonstration. 5 lessons scheduled at a convenient time for your family. 

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Puppy Private Sessions are in your home and scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. We can target behaviours you prioritize and ensure you have a puppy that is well behaved from your unique life perspective. 

Let us do the heavy lifting and train your puppy while you work. We work in home to start and work through all the basics and build your puppy's vocabulary and skills. Then when they are ready to hit the streets we take them out and about to generalize those behaviours.

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