Puppy Prodigy

If you want a well socialized pup and a jump start on training right from the start this is the program for you. We can help with a  socialization program and some training right from the comfort of your own home!! This program is  for puppies under 16 weeks old to capture that critical window for socialization and early learning between 6 - 20 weeks. 

You receive our puppy starter booklet, a free initial, virtual meet n greet,  support throughout their time with us and a one on one or virtual session at the end to go over any problems you are having. We will bring appropriate adult dogs to your pup for socialization, work on training manners (cues like sit and down and default sits), impulse control (like leave it and drop it, etc),and when they are old enough, take our show on the road! You also have a free pass to the Puppy Power Hour Socialization class when you can make it~!

This is a 2 month program minimum and we can get started as soon as 8 weeks old! Why pay a dog walker when you can have your pup trained and socialized while you work without the risk of exposing them to diseases and pathogens. Visits are minimum half hour. 

2 times per week for 8 weeks $640.00 +gst ($40 / VISIT) 
3 times per week for 8 weeks $915.00 +gst  (38 / VISIT)
5 times per week for 8 weeks - $1440 +gst ($36 / VISIT) 

This service is only available  Deep SE/SW of Calgary