Puppy Prodigy

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Need someone to come let puppy out, train and socialize while you work? This is the option for you. Combining dog walker, trainer and secondary snuggler, we come work with your pup while you are at work, pee them, feed them lunch, train and socialize and when they are fully vaccinated and ready to take our show on the road we will take them on field trips to help them become functional canine citizens. This is the puppy easy button!

You get our puppy booklet filled with handouts, video links, and helpful tips as well as a free virtual meet n greet to start and a follow up session at the end to make sure you have a grasp on all the skills. If you are home you are welcome to join in and learn on the spot as well. 

This is a 2 month program minimum and we can get started as soon as 8 weeks old! Why pay a dog walker or daycare when you can have your pup trained and socialized while you work without the risk of exposing them to diseases and pathogens. Visits are minimum half hour. 

2 times per week for 8 weeks $640.00 +gst ($40 / VISIT) 
3 times per week for 8 weeks $915.00 +gst  (38 / VISIT)
5 times per week for 8 weeks - $1440 +gst ($36 / VISIT) 


This service is only available in the SE/SW of Calgary, Okotoks, Turner Valley or Black Diamond