Puppy Primary

Cost $150 +gst

Puppies up to 16 weeks of age. Come learn all the skills that will make your lives so much easier with puppies. Put an end to nipping, barking, and other problem behaviours, crate train, house train and learn other basic skills to get puppy off on the right paw. This half hour class (frankly that is all we an expect puppies to hold it together for) will set them up for success and is directly followed by the Puppy Power Hour where they can socialize and learn other skills like confidence in group play dynamics, appropriate play and experience novelty. This course is set on a 4 week rotating schedule so get started any time you can attend 4 weeks in a row. 

This class is currently held Tuesdays at the Canyon Meadows Community Center at 6:30pm


Sunday's at The Balance Dance Center in Okotoks at 12:30pm 

Sit , down, housetraining, jumping, nipping,  leave it, crate training, environmental enrichment,  calm around kids, prevent resource guarding, leash walking, beginner recall, cooperative care

& So much more......



WiggleBums Training               april@wigglebumstraining.com