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Now servicing Preeceville, Sturgis, Canora

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Does your pup need a break during your work day? Do your aging parents need assistance with their pup so they can continue to have that little heartbeat to get up for in the home? WE GOT THIS!!

1/2 HR WALK - $25

We will take your pup for an enrichment walk. Lots of sniffing, games like "find it", organic agility and long line walks. Your pup will have a lovely time and a good break from the busy task of guarding your couch. 

PET TAXI - .68 per km (min $10)

Need to get a pup to a grooming or a vet appointment? Your pup will be transported in comfortable, safe luxury to their appointments.


Need your pup's food picked up and dropped to you during our walk or other service? We can do that too! Do you want to make a switch to a better brand of dog food, but it isn't local? We can help with that too. Just ask us how!



Want a well trained pup, but don't have time to do it yourself? We can help with that. With our Walk & Train program your pup will spend time 3, 4, or 5 days a week with us working on the skills to navigate our world effectively. 

3 DAYS A WEEK - $35 / walk

4 DAYS A WEEK - $30 / walk

5 DAYS A WEEK - $25 / walk

Your pup and I will work on sit, down, stay, leash walking, recall, distraction work, public access, mitigation tasks, tricks, and anything else your training goals may include

Minimum 2 month contract for Walk & Train program

Minimum 2 month contract for Walk & Train program

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