Apprentice With Us!

Have you just completed a course in dog training or are currently enrolled in one, but know you still could use a bit more experience in behaviour, class structure, starting and running a business? We can help you with all of those!!

Trust me....I have been there. I have been at that place where I knew I didn't know enough yet to make that jump into full time training. It was a scary ride and I wish I had found a mentor who could help me navigate this industry and get the experience I needed to be able to help dogs and their people succeed. So many new graduates jump right into dog training as soon as they are done their course. This is a colossal mistake often made by rookie trainers. Not only do they damage their reputation when they are not knowledgeable enough to work with clients (some irreparably), but they often do more harm then good for the dogs in their care. 

Through apprenticeship comes valuable experience and knowledge. Many trainers offer apprenticeships at steep prices. We don't think that is fair. Volunteering to help with classes and behaviour cases you will get an inside look at all aspect of this career with no charge to you but time. We want to help you succeed and can

even help with marketing, web, logo design and social media when you are ready to launch

your own career.  And who knows, maybe we will click and you can begin a career with

Wigglebums Training. :)

For more info contact and let's set up a meeting!

WiggleBums Training